Eyewear Care Tips
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Wildsie Eyewear are made of 6160 Aluminum which is very durable but flexible. Most people need to adjust their frames so they fit comfortably. Gently pull the sides of the glasses out or push in as needed. (See examples 1 & 2)
Note: If you have purchased custom Wildside eyewear with cutouts, they reduce the durability of the aluminum along the sides of the frames. Glasses should be adjusted as shown in example 1 with a GENTLE touch. Use caution as to not snap the sides at the cut-out. Contact Wildside Eyeware for more information as eyewear with cutouts may not be covered by the warranty.
The Nose Piece has a steel wire inside and can be bent to fit your nose correctly. (See Example 3)
Lenses can be changed as desired for different colors and looks or to replace damaged or scratched lenses.
To Remove Lens: Hold glasses firmly in your hand as shown. Place your thumb inside the lens with soft material (such as the bag your Eyewear came in) between your thumb and lens (thumb should be near the bottom of the lens). Apply pressure to “Roll” the lens out as shown. (See Example 4)
Inserting New Lens: Line up rivots with the holes. Be sure your lens is facing the correct direction. Hold glasses firmly. Use your thumb to push the rivot into the hole one side at a time.
We suggest always replacing your eyewear in the protective bag (when not wearing) lenses first. When removing expose both ear pieces before sliding bag off. (See Example 5)